How To Remove Or Edit Template Designer Footer Credit

Gone are the days when I will want to personalize a blogger template's footer attribution and just clear the whole code expecting to see what I want to be implemented but buddy when I reloaded, all I got were redirections to the site of the template publisher Oh oh...

I experienced this so many times, especially with Sora Templates, this shouldn't be a new thing to any blogger on the Blogspot platform, we always want everything to be free, but we have to buy these templates in order not to have the lousy attribution from its designers or publishers... But thank God I outgrew that, with the help of some tweaks which I will share with you today!

How to Remove Template Designer Attribution From Blog
In this tutorial, I will be using Sora as an example, here is how I did it!

Step 1: Login to Blogger >> Select Theme >> Click Edit HTML

Now press Ctrl+F and search for any word in the template attribution section e.g CREATED BY, this should land you on the section you ought to edit as shown below.

Step 2: Now paste the below code right after id='mycontent'


After you pasted the above code, proceed to just clear the word SoraTemplate in the code, and replace Created By with the following code

<div align='center'>Copyright © <script type='text/javascript'>var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear());</script> <a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>TechsPulse</a> All Rights Reserved</div>

Don't forget to replace TechsPulse for Your Blog's Title, the code should now look like the picture below.

Click Save Template. 

And you are done!... Am sure with this trick, you should be able to remove any template designer's footer attribution with easy, if you encounter any issue, kindly drop them in the comment section or contact me for personal assistance... Share with friends!